Command-line flags


The Logstash agent has the following flags (also try using the --help flag)

-f, --config CONFIGFILE
 Load the Logstash config from a specific file, directory, or a wildcard. If given a directory or wildcard, config files will be read from the directory in alphabetical order.

 Use the given string as the configuration data. Same syntax as the config file. If not input is specified, 'stdin { type => stdin }' is default. If no output is specified, 'stdout { codec => rubydebug }}' is default.

-w, --filterworkers COUNT
 Run COUNT filter workers (default: 1)

--watchdog-timeout TIMEOUT
 Set watchdog timeout value in seconds. Default is 10.

-l, --log FILE
 Log to a given path. Default is to log to stdout

 Increase verbosity to the first level, less verbose.

 Increase verbosity to the last level, more verbose.

 *DEPRECATED: see --verbose/debug* Increase verbosity. There are multiple levels of verbosity available with
'-vv' currently being the highest

--pluginpath PLUGIN_PATH
 A colon-delimited path to find other Logstash plugins in


-a, --address ADDRESS
 Address on which to start webserver. Default is

-p, --port PORT
 Port on which to start webserver. Default is 9292.